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JUUL Lawsuits

JUUL lawsuits claim the manufactures failure to warn the public of the high risks and side effects with vaping

 JUUL and other e- cigarette manufactures  failed to warn consumers and now thousands are suffering from major complications.

JUUL lawsuits seek compensation, damages for patients.

JUUL-lawsuits-claim-manufacturer-fail-to-warn-major complications

Lawsuits against Juul claim the manufacturer of the product produced deceptive marketing strategies towards young consumers to encourage the use of Juul products.  Young adults and teenagers became highly addicted to the Juul e-cigarette device and have been experiencing major complications.  Due to the high concentrated amount of nicotine levels in each Juul pod, many consumers suffering serious side effects and become addicted in a major way.

Lawsuit claims related to Juul vaping and other e-cigarette manufactures have been  expanding and most claims are with young adults and teenagers.  Juul Labs is the most popular manufacture and utilized  method of e-cigarette vaping.  Juul products account for more than 50% of the vaping market.  Juul ran very deceptive and aggressive marketing campaigns that showed the use of vaping with young adults.

Currently, Juul is being pressured by many public health advocates and government agencies who are against Juul Labs for addicting hundreds of thousands of teenagers and young adults with high concentrated amounts of nicotine.  Public health agencies are now progressing with a national lung investigation.  Due to the current complications and side effects being reported on the nicotine device, many believe this is just the beginning of e-cigarette related lawsuits.

If you or your child are one of the millions of consumers of the Juul e-cigarette and experience complications after using the device,  we are here to help you.  Join thousands of others filing e-cigarette related lawsuits against Juul and other manufactures.

Injuries related to e-cigarette use linked to severe health concerns

Currently, the long-term complications related to Juul cigarettes and other vaping products are unknown. Juul and other manufactures of e-cigarettes have been associated with severe health injuries such as serious lung problems, seizures, addiction and chemical poisoning.

Current JUUL vaping lawsuits injury claim:

– lung injuries/diseases

– nicotine addiction

– seizures

– deceptive marketing to minors

– strokes or bleeding/swelling in the brain

There are thousands of filed lawsuits claiming manufactures Juul Labs, British American Tobacco,  Altria-Philip Morris, and Imperial Brandssay should be held accountable for the serious complications the device has caused. The consumers that easily became addicted to Juul pods and other e-cigarettes started to experienced damaging health injuries . Lawsuits claim the marketing lead minors to use the product, easily became addicted and began experiencing life-threatening health issues.

Investigated facts about on nicotine devices from JUUL

Understanding the facts about Juul products is important if you have used or currently using JUUL pods or other nicotine vaping products.  The investigated facts and history regarding these nicotine devices are as follows:

a. Deceptive marketing, e-cigarettes and other vaping devices are not more safe or healthier than the traditional cigarettes. Juul pods have the same nicotine amount as a whole pack of cigarettes.

b. JUUL can cause severe health injuries and long term medical complications.

c. The amount of nicotine in a Juul pod is more than most all other brands.

d. If you have respiratory issues while using Juul you are at higher risks of side effects. 

e. Consumers of Juul can experience respiratory failure in just a few weeks after the use of vaping products.  

JUUL Labs and other e-cigarette manufacturers products are not free from harmful chemicals.  Most e-cigarette manufactures failure to warn consumers about severe side effects associated with toxic chemicals within their products are the cause to soon be thousands of lawsuits.

JUUL vaping lawsuits against manufacturer and tobacco companies

At this time, class-action lawsuits against Juul Labs are in process.   Big tobacco companies including the Altria Group and Philip Morris have a 35% ownership in JUUL.  

 – lawsuit claims massive stroke in young adult

– high concentrated nicotine in JUUL pods caused seizures in teenager

– toxic chemicals cause lung disorders

– EVALI outbreak leave thousands hospitalized

– refused to recall 1 Million contaminated mint vape pods

– California federal court wrongful death lawsuit